American Airlines Response (my comments in italics)

Dear Ms. Campbell:

Thank you for contacting American Airlines Customer Relations.

We appreciate how hard it is to understand why a flight is canceled because of bad
weather when conditions at both the origin and the destination are perfectly fine.
Perhaps an explanation of the operational reasons will be helpful. (No, this is not helpful.  I want an explanation of why this flight was canceled.)

Bad weather the day before you traveled, or at one of our other hubs elsewhere, may
have prevented our planes and crew members from being where they needed to be in order to operate your flight as scheduled.  Or, in the same circumstances, there may be too
many aircraft on the ground at your destination, and so we cancel selected inbound
flights until we can thin out that traffic.  Another possibility is that our crew
members may have reached the maximum number of hours they can remain on duty as a
result of a weather delay they encountered earlier that day.  Finally, we may
voluntarily cancel selected flights in order to reduce the length of
Air Traffic Control delays imposed because of bad weather en route.  (Well, thank you for that enlightening explanation of the inner workings of an airline.  I wasn’t aware of all those possibilities.  Oh, wait, yes I WAS.  Again, I just want to know why MY flight was canceled.  Make up something for christ’s sake, just tell me SOMETHING!)

We have found it is necessary to take these varied steps in an effort to get our
entire system back on schedule when weather conditions have affected our operation.
Our goal is to minimize the inconvenience for the largest number of our customers.
Still, we are sorry that our actions caused such disruption for you.

I regret that we cannot reimburse your unexpected expenses or offer compensation for
the delays you encountered as a result of the bad weather.  (Per my original letter, I don’t care which explanation of the above you choose, but none of them should be allowed to be deemed a result of bad weather.) Consequently, it just isn’t possible to guarantee airline schedules, which are subject to change without notice.  Still, we understand that our customers depend on our schedules, and I wish we had been more successful in minimizing your inconvenience.  (Actions speak louder than wishes!) Please accept our sincere apology.  (Absolutely not.  And I do not forgive you.  I don’t believe in forgiving a pre-written bullshit apology.)

Ms. Campbell, you have my assurance that we will continue to focus on the on-time
departure of our flights and do all we can to get you to your destination on time.  I
hope you will give us another chance to do so.


E. Guajardo
Customer Relations
American Airlines