Home Alone: Day 1

My boyfriend is in NYC for the weekend, so I have the whole apartment to myself for the longest period of time since we moved in together a few months ago.  I can be very independent, insisting on getting a 2 bedroom so I can have my space, for example.  Thus, I’m pretty excited for this weekend.

My mom ordered me Taste of Home magazine for Christmas.  Being the totally organized to a fault type of person I am, I went through the whole magazine, flagged the recipes I wanted to try and documented them and their page numbers on a flashcard stapled to the magazine cover.

First, I am caramelizing onions because we bought two for pot roast, but never bought the rest of the ingredients.  I’m adding that to pasta with a white wine sauce using left over creamy soup broth, 1/4 bottle white wine from a weekend in Vermont months ago, and sundried tomatoes.

It came out a little oily because of the sundried tomato oil and the oil that I cooked the onions in, but it was still pretty delicious!

I’ve also put away clothes, vacuumed the entire place and cleaned off the mantles so that I can decorate tomorrow.