Week 1 – Needing to go shopping!

Wednesday, I wore this:

with these:

That dress makes me feel like I should be vacuuming in heels, in the best way possible.  And, while the angle of that picture makes me look like I have cankles, those shoes make me feel sexy and powerful…when I’m not falling down in them.  It really is amazing what a great pair of 6″ shoes can do for you.

Thursday, I wore a silky, teal dress with 3/4 sleeves and buttons down the front with grey, wool pointy toe pumps.  Not very springy, I know.  I’ve never really bought into having separate clothes for each season.  The softness of the dress just needed something strong to offset it.

Friday was a lazy day.  Lucky jeans with an Express grey button-up.  Since I was so lazy with the clothing selection, I added some snazzy accessories.  Large, square 70’s stud earrings that have green and white herringbone stripes and bright yellow strappy sandals.  All in all, those made me feel pretty damn put together.

I did buy something for myself this week though.  Living Social deal for 8 fitness classes for $39.  I don’t necessarily think that’s cheating, as it was money spent to reach one of my other personal goals – finishing the Spartan Sprint race.

I’m still jonesing to do some shopping, so I think I’ll start shopping for my friends’ wedding present.