1 Week of No Shopping

I already don’t remember what I wore Monday of last week.  Tuesday I wore my “Dinosaur Dress”.  It’s pattern reminds me of cartoon dinosaurs and its shape reminds me of the Flintstone’s.  And it’s fucking awesome.  But I forgot to take pictures.  Because I am not fucking awesome.

Wednesday, however, I was hippie chic in this get up:

Thursday was a simple brown and white patterned dress with flutter sleeves and an empire waist.  Friday, I don’t remember.

Okay, not the most exciting post.  But I did feel well dressed and put together all week without wearing anything new.  AND I didn’t buy anything new!  So, that was successful.

I have some other posts in drafts that are much more interesting reviews of various things, so that will make up for the most boring post ever…sorry!