About a month ago I signed up for Birchbox.  It’s a $10 monthly subscription and you receive a box of sample sized beauty products each month.  I figure this will help curb my desire to buy makeup and hair products and nail polish and such.  (Apologies for using way too many ‘and’s in that sentence)

When you first sign up, you go on a waiting list and then, “when there’s a spot open,” they email you and you can create your account.  You choose a monthly or yearly subscription and fill out some stuff about yourself (skin tone, hair color, gender, etc.), so that they can “tailor” your box to your specifications.  My quotation marks in that paragraph are skepticism.  I think there’s only a waiting list to make it seem exclusive and drive demand.  I think the only thing they really take into account when putting together the box is gender.  It all worked, because I was waiting very impatiently for my box to arrive.  It shipped on June 5th and finally arrived on Monday – twenty days later.

And I am very happy it did!  At $10 for the whole thing, I got 5 different samples – so $2 per item:

Ada Cosmetics Bronzer – Really great bronzer.  Blends in well and provides a natural glow.  Would definitely consider buying the full size if I ever run out of bronzer.  (This is now the 4th one I own *said sheepishly*)

Borghese Soap – A fancy name I can’t pronounce for a fancy bar soap with a fancy price tag.  In my book, any bar soap is easily worth $2 because they last so long.  It smells great and leave my skin feeling really clean, but moisturized and soft.  Once I use up the bar, I will go back to my SkinID face wash and Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub (which I can only find at the Christmas Tree Shop now, since they started making that stupid grapefruit version).

Stainiac lip & cheek stain – I actually already own the full size of this, so it is something I like and would spend the money on.  However, I don’t think I’ll ever use up the full size I have and this sample size.  Oh well.

Band Aids designed by Cynthia Rowley – By far, my favorite item!  20 bandaids with fun and ridiculous designs.  I already only buy the neon bandaids.  If you’re going to be bleeding and in pain, you might as well have a fun bandaid.  These have polka dots, faux sequins, zebra stripes.  It looks like the Sallie Hanson fake nail wall in any CVS.  I’m trying to get a paper cut now!

Perfume – I’m allergic to most perfumes, so this was my least favorite.  Insta-headache.  I did have a nonallergic person smell it and they said it was really nice, so I’m sure most people enjoyed it.  I’ll stick to my perfume that smells like vanilla and almonds and cake.

I’m really looking forward to next month!  I hope it has eye cream because I’m almost out of my last Sephora sample and I don’t want to have to buy more.