Still spending money, but not on clothes!

When I first decided to start documenting my outfits, I thought it would be fun.  I love reading Tom and Lorenzo every day, in which they critique celebrities’ clothes from red carpet dresses to their “I’m running errands, but I know I’ll be photographed” outfits.  Now, after trying to do this for however long – a week maybe? – it’s rather boring because I’m not going to tear apart my own outfit.  And if I don’t like something about what I’m wearing, that will actually motivate myself to go shopping, instead of deterring me – which is the whole point.  So, this post displays my favorite outfits of last week and I’ll keep doing that from time to time, because it gives me something to write about.


This was my Hipster Girl look of the week.  Purple scoop neck tank from H&M, pale blue cardigan thing that reminds me of Golden Girls, textured black skirt from the Gap outlet and the most hipster shoes that Sperry makes (found them at TJMaxx for $25!).

What you’re missing here are my fake, black plastic rimmed glasses that I didn’t put on until I got to work.  That really put the organically grown cherry bought from the national chain Whole Foods on the top of my hipster sundae.  (Too much?  It was meant to be.  I’m in a pretentious mood.  I was also wearing Sperry Topsiders).


And my sweet as can be outfit to close the week.  I have a large tattoo on my arm that necessitates a wide variety of cardigans and 3/4 sleeve shirts.  I usually pair this black shift dress (kind of) with a black cardigan and black heels or cream colored flats.  I kept the flats (Dr. Scholl’s, in case you were wondering), but paired it with a lavender cardigan, using the tie from that as a belt on the dress.  Completed the look with my favorite earrings – large mauve-y purple teardrops hanging from a lime green diamond stud.  They manage to not match anything, but complement a surprising number of outfits.

That’s it for my narcissistic ramblings about clothes.  I just learned that, in addition to the Gap Outlet, there is also an Old Navy Outlet at the Arsenal Mall in Watertown.  I didn’t even know that Old Navy had outlets.  How can their merch get any cheaper?  I am quite sure that very shortly that nugget of information will completely destroy my “Personal Challenge.”  It will be like when I first discovered Assembly Square and its Christmas Tree Shop, AC Moore, Bed Bath & Beyond, AND TJ Maxx with a HomeGoods.  Briana Kryptonite.