I’m baaaack

I have a cycle of keeping up my blog and then letting it go dormant for two years at a time. oops.

A couple updates before I get back into it:

  • I was studying for the GREs. I did well, got into grad school and am more than halfway to my Masters in Operations Research. Woohoo!
  • I’m still not smoking during the workweek (yes, it needs that caveat…). I consider that mildly successful.
  • I was struggling with my shopping addiction.  I still do.  But I have paid down all my credit card debt.
  • I started running, got plantar fasciitis, stopped running.  Started running again, got tendonitis, stopped running.  And now I’m starting again, so I’ll probably write about that.  My doctor insisted that 5 miles does make me a “real runner.”
  • I’ve also gone through a lot of things that I didn’t want to or wasn’t ready to write about publicly, and instead occupied my time writing about it privately.  And submitting anonymous articles to Thought Catalog that never get published.  Oh well.

What really prompted this return is the need to document mascara reviews – haha.  Every holiday season, I look forward to getting Sephora’s Lash Stash – a mascara kit with ~10 samples.  The past few years, it has contained a lot of the same mascara that I reviewed way back in 2011 (2010?), but this year is ripe with new ones to try.  More on that later.

I’ve also been reading a lot of blogs.  It started because I wanted to read about what runners were doing to prevent and/or come back from injuries.  I ended up falling in love with Hungry Runner Girl, for reasons that have nothing to do with her running!  I use the Feedly app on my phone to read a variety blogs, hers included, and the only problem with it is that I can’t comment.

The other day she posted something by Kristin Armstrong, which really made me want to write again.  I’ll save that for another post, as well.  So, you’ve got mascara and philosophy to look forward to!