Clinique High Impact – Extreme Volume in Extreme Black

Before I start reviewing all my new mascaras, I thought I’d talk about the ones I am already using.  Yes, that is plural.  I currently have 3 in rotation.  The first is Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume in Extreme Black which retails for $19 – not bad considering most drug store brands will run you about $10.  It’s dark and delivers on impact.  See my left eye below, compared the right eye.  I also have a shitty camera phone and am getting used to taking pictures in which I don’t look cross-eyed…it’s a process, bare with me.

CliniqueHighImpact - Morning


My only complaints are that it goes on a little too thick, resulting in spidery lashes that need to be combed out a bit.  This doesn’t happen to every lash, but it can be time consuming.  It’s also a pretty stiff formula and I’ve found myself craving light, feathery formulas in rebellion.  Though those can’t give me the “extreme volume” this does.

It also stays on all day, as you can see in the picture below.  I managed to go without wiping or fixing or smudging just to give you a true representation of a day’s wear.  You can tell it’s been a full day by the bags under my eyes.  In my defense, I did just get back from the gym and a very disciplined two hour homework sesh.  Yes, this mascara still looks like this after the gym!

CliniqueHighImpact - Night

Also, this came in the mail today!  Can’t wait to try them all, though I’m trying to exercise patience, as I don’t want to open them all tomorrow and kill the shelf life of the newbies.