Covergirl Flamed Out

The second mascara in my collection, Covergirl Flamed Out, is a drug store goodie purchased trying to achieve a soft feathery look (though I should have tried L’Oreal’s Featherlash because, duh, it’s in the name).
Here’s what the Flamed Out looks like:

2014-10-16 Covergirl close up2014-10-16 Covergirl panout

(still figuring out the best way to take pictures…I probably need to get out my actual camera since this bad boy has trouble focusing [I think there’s a pun there?])

Anyway, I don’t know what’s weirder – the name of this mascara (flamed out sounds bad, right? like a washed up rock star?) or the fact that it actually describes it accurately?  My lashes do indeed flame out.  And by that I mean that it curls them outward and looks more like falsies that the Maybelline line of Falsies mascara.  No hate there, because I use that one, too.  This just fans out my natural lashes in the way that I would do fake lashes if I was brave enough to apply them.

I don’t have an end of day shot, because this stays on as well as the Clinique from yesterday.  A little melting under the eye, but nothing a quick swipe of a damp paper towel can’t fix.  However, four eyelashes fell out this morning!  FOUR!!  I’ve always heard that eyelashes don’t grow back and I’ve never looked it up because I’m afraid to find out that it’s true.  I lose one or two every other day, so I can’t believe that they’re not growing back because…well…look at my eyelashes.  They’re not lacking.

…now I’m looking it up…

Wikipedia doesn’t even mention it!  Is this an old wive’s tale that only I’ve heard?!  It does mention that you can get eyelash transplants from the hair on your head, but they keep growing like hair and need to be trimmed regularly…weird.  Other, less reputable sources (*cough cough* Yahoo answers *ahem*) confirm that they do grow back.  It takes 1 – 6 months for an eyelash to grow back.  The ones that are falling out are making way for the new ones.  It’s the circle of life, well, the circle of an eyelash’s life.

Other pictures from today – here’s how I rep my team for work week game days!  Thank goodness for suit jackets in sweatshirt material and classy Alex + Ani sports bracelets.


2014-10-16 2014-10-16 pats outfit