1.75 Miles Today

I ran for second time since my tendinitis diagnosis and, surprise surprise, my tendon hurts. It’s the posterior tibial tendon that runs on the inside of your shin, under your ankle, and towards your arch (I have no idea where it ends). I couldn’t get an appointment with PT for a few weeks, so my first one is next Wednesday.

I decided that in the meantime I would do some PT exercises I found online and go on mini, baby runs to see how it feels. The first run I did was Monday for 1.4 miles. Today I did 1.75. My main goal was to go slow enough to where I actually ran the whole time. Usually I run, then walk, then run, etc. and average out at 10 minute miles, which I maintain isn’t that bad given that I’m walking parts of it.

I stayed away from my Girl Power and Rap playlists, opting for Miscellaneous (playlist making –> amateur hour) to try to keep my pace SLOOOOWWW. I succeeded! I ran (jogged, really) the whole route, kept my pace mostly steady, and got a negative split.
2014-10-18 pace 2014-10-18 splits

Look at that!  My total mileage this week was 3.1, which means (tendon health withstanding), I can do 3.4 miles next week.  Good lord, this is going to be a long process.

Now for the rehab.  Rolled a golf ball under both arches.  Completed most of these stretches (I find all of my medical advice on Pinterest – genius, I know).  Then some shin splint and other stretches.  If it’s still sore after I shower (yes, I’m writing this while covered in sweat and boogers [does anybody else have to blow their nose all over their shirt like 8 times during a 10 minute run, or is that just me?  It’s just me?  Ok, I’m gross.]), then I’ll ice it and take some ibuprofen.  I bought a foam roller this week, but it hurts like a motherfucker, so I think I’ll wait on that until PT has their way with me.

Random run occurrence (there’s always something), group of teenagers I’m passing decides to line up and hold out their hands for me to high five.  In retrospect, they probably weren’t horrible dipshits, but I’m a cranky runner and I gave them my best GFY face and kept going.  Whoops.  I am definitely not someone who anyone would say restores their faith in humanity.  I’m the reason people don’t have faith in humanity.