Urban Decay – Perversion

2014-10-17 urban decay

Here’s how Urban Decay’s Perversion started the day – really, really long lashes.  Not too much volume or curling, but definitely length.  Since I have long lashes, it’s not something I’m looking for in mascara.  Usually I sway towards the volumizing formulas.  This did start to make me question all of my makeup decisions up to this point.  It was like those Prego commercials.

I need to pause for a moment and talk about the name Perversion.  WTF?  All I could think of were pedophiles.  That’s not what I want to think about at 5AM!  Or ever, for that matter.  What were they thinking?  Then, it dawned on me that the name of the brand is Urban Decay.  I’d never stopped to think about what that means.  Decay, decomposition, death, dying, perversion.  None of these are things that should be associated with makeup.  Unless it’s corpse makeup.  Does anyone remember the scene from My Girl when Jamie Lee Curtis is applying makeup to a corpse while talking to Vada??  Oh, the nostalgia.

Anyway, that was a long tangent all to say that Urban Decay and Perversion are weird ass names.

I do think this look works particularly well with little to no eyeshadow.  The long, slender lashes would NOT hold up to a smokey eye.

I think my face in the below picture perfectly describes how I felt about Perversion by the end of the day…meh.  There were definite raccoon eyes, and my day only included sitting at my desk.  No walking, no gym, no nothing.

2014-10-17 urban decay end of day 2014-10-17 urban decay meh