No posts to the running category for awhile :(

I had my first PT appointment this morning.  PT stands for Physical Therapy – something I didn’t know until a few weeks ago.  I also have an event at work today, so I’m wearing a skirt suit.  I learned today that you do not wear a skirt suit to PT.  The bed raises up to over 5 feet.  I’m sitting on it with my legs off the edge, so that the therapist seated in front of me can do stuff to my ankles.  If you’re not getting the picture, my crotch was eye level.  Thank god it was a woman and I am wearing dark blue, plaid tights.

The therapist tested the strength in my ankle, legs, hips and measured the range of motion of my ankles.  I think she did more things, but I hadn’t had a full cup of coffee, yet, so who knows.  Apparently I have weak hips and flat arches, both of which are bad for running.  And my beautiful new sneakers are not the best ones for me.  AND I shouldn’t run for 6-8 weeks – until I’m stronger.

This week I have to do the following everyday:

  • Clamshells – 20 each side
    • Lie on your side, hips slightly forward, knees bent.  Keep hips forward and heels together while you open your knees like a clam shell as far as you can.
  • Seated “J” – 2 sets of 10-15
    • Sit with legs straight out, feet flexed.  Loop peach band (provided by PT) around top of foot, pull back to create some resistance.  Trace an uppercase J in the air.
  • Side-Lying In/Out – 2 sets of 25 – Left ankle
    • Lie on your right side with left leg slightly forward.  Push left foot/toes out/up towards ceiling.
    • Lie on your left side with right leg slightly forward.  Push left foot/toes in/up towards ceiling.

That last one was the hardest to describe.  I’ve done the Clam Shell before to strengthen my hips, because I had heard that was a good idea, but I wasn’t tilting my hips forward, and it didn’t feel nearly as effective as what she showed me this morning.  (wow, that’s a run on sentence and I’m too lazy to fix it)

The whole ‘No Running’ thing is extremely frustrating.  Running takes me all of 30 minutes, including getting dressed time.  And I do it all before taking a shower.  Going to the gym involves travel time, changing, more travel time, and a second shower in the day.  It also requires way too much thought.  Running requires literally NO thoughts (except ‘remember your keys’ and ‘don’t get hit by cars’).  I’m going to have to be extra disciplined about my Jillian Michael’s videos.  Blahhhh.*


*Nothing against Jillian Michaels.  I aspire to look like her and have as adorable a family as she does.  Her videos are also incredibly effective and exhausting.  They just take more effort on my part that walking out the door and moving my feet.  I used to hate running.  When did it become the thing I like the most???


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