The quest for 10,000 steps

I know I already wrote about it yesterday, but the no running mandate is really setting in now. It took me so long to finally see a doctor. Something about the act of actually calling and making an appointment is something I’d managed to put off for two months. I think I subconsciously assumed that once I overcame that hurdle I’d be all better. No such luck.

Today my alarm was set for 5:30am with every intention of getting in a workout before I had to get in the shower at 6. No such motivation.

I snoozed and cuddled until 6 and went straight from bed to shower. Ugh. Even when I hated doing it, running put me in such a good mood for the day. Without it, I’m perma-PMSing.

I also picked a terrible week to take a break from sticking to a daily calorie count, as Halloween is next Friday and my totally non-slutty costume (I swear!) still consists of leggings and a long tank top with a belt…this is giving me muffin top nightmares.

After that extended prelude, onto the point: Fitbit. We got them at work and are involved in an informal, not very competitive competition. They set your daily goal at 10,000 steps. I’ve discovered that on an average day I do 5,000. On a weekend day full of studying and homework, I barely eke out 2,000. The downsides to the corner are that, while you can enter other exercise (swimming, cycling, etc.), it doesn’t convert it into your step count, I’ve been using the stationary bike and elliptical at the gym while I’ve been hurt, but those don’t count towards the competition (the elliptical counts, some, but it seems a much lower step count than walking the same amount of time). It’s not doing a great job of motivating me to go to the gym. All the Fitbit’s fault! Blame it on the Fitbit!

So, while I’m on this running embargo, I’m going to push myself to walk more. Even when it means going for walks with no purpose or destination. Living in a city without a car, that’s something I only associate with retirees. But I’ll try it. It can’t be worse than Jillian Michaels yelling, “You want more?! I’ve got more!!”