My Makeup Routine – Step 1 – Eyebrows and Face

I’ve seen some people post their entire daily routine for getting ready, including all the products they use.  It’s surprising and fascinating to see A. the sheer amount of crap we (meaning some women, including myself) put on our face on a daily basis and B. what’s important to some people that doesn’t even cross my mind when getting read (namely, primer).  I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.  Here’s a typical day of full face.  I don’t do a full face every day, probably only ~4 days a week.  The other days I usually do at least the base layers.

Here’s my #NoMakeupSelfie:



The first steps of my routine are putting on my base layer, by which I mean eyebrows and skin.



  1. I fill in my eyebrows with Urban Decay Brow Box ($29) or Milani Brow Fix ($7).  UD has more pigment for a darker, more sever look.  It also comes with brow wax.  The Milani Brow Fix is so much cheaper and pretty good, so I use that for daily wear.
    1. I won’t leave the house without filling in my eyebrows.  I don’t know if it was an accidental shaving incident when I was 7 or over plucking when I was 13, but my brows are sparse where they should be the thickest and the disappear in camera flashes, so it’s a must.
  2. I use CoverGirl clear mascara ($5) as brow gel.  Works as good, if not better, then any brow gel I’ve tried.  It can be hard to find in stores, though, so I usually order on Amazon.
  3. I use a little bit of NARS Sheer Matte Foundation in Siberia ($45) under my eyes with a drugstore beauty sponge.  I’ve tried using the beauty blender and find it too dense and difficult to control.  For cover up I’ve got Everyday Minerals Golden Fair Concealer ($9) applied with a Bare Minerals coverup applicator.  Bare Minerals makes my face itchy.  Everyday Minerals is essentially the same concept, but cheaper and does not make my face itchy.  It’s a win-win!  (not for Bare Minerals…)
    1. I do NOT use primer.  I only use foundation on such a small area of my face and when I use primer, it feels like I’m wearing a mask.  For big events like weddings, I have used NYX Pore Filler ($14) and I like it, just not for everyday.
  4. I set this all with Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder.  It’s translucent and helps with oily shine.  If I’m feeling particularly sweaty/shiny, I use a Covergirl pressed powder.
  5. Now that I’ve covered my face in a color called Siberia and a translucent powder, it’s time to add some life back in with Too Faced Glow to Go Sun Bunny ($12) on the apples of my cheeks sweeping upwards and Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter stick ($30 – though mine was a free sample from Sephora) on my cheekbones.
  6. And now I look like this!



I’ll pause there and save Step 2 for another post.  Enjoy your Saturday!!  I’m heading on a tour of the Downeast Cider Room.  We’re using a Groupon and get to take home our very own growler.  I love hard cider and Downeast is one of my favorites so I’m looking forward to this!!


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