My Makeup Routine – The Final Tally

In total I used the following:

  1. Eyebrow filler
  2. Eyebrow wax
  3. Clear mascara
  4. Foundation
  5. Cover-up
  6. Setting powder
  7. Bronzer
  8. Highlighter
  9. 5 different eyeshadows
  10. 2 different eyeliners
  11. Mascara
  12. Lip Exfoliator
  13. Chapstick
  14. Lip Gloss

If you count all the eye products individually, I used 19 make up products and 9 different applicators/tools.

The total cost of my beauty routine on this day = $304

That’s fucking insane…a three hundred and four dollar face.  And that’s not even all the makeup I own.  I probably have over a thousand dollars worth of makeup.  I should probably find something nicer to store it in, since it’s most of my net worth:



That number really makes me think about A. how expensive it is to be a girl and B. what the hell I would do if there was a fire.

A. Even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s still more expensive.  Dry cleaning, haircuts, health insurance, cars, … everything.  It seems like everything is more expensive for a woman.

B. If my apartment burned down, obviously that would suck.  But replacing clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. would be fairly straightforward.  Replacing makeup and jewelry would be an exercise in patience, diligent research, and a feat of online shopping.  The thought is paralyzing.


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