Mascara Monday – Lancome Hypnose

Next up from my Lashstash box is Lancome Paris Hypnose Drama Mascara which retails for $27.50. The sample bottles always confuse me because all of the print (brand name, color, etc.) is printed on the cap/wand, not on the main tube. So I always open them backwards, with the wand in my left hand and the tube in my right.  While I can use my left hand in most sports, the thought of applying mascara with it make s me wince.

The Hypnose wand is great, perfectly curved to suit my eyelashes.  Not too big, or too small.  After I put it on, the descriptions coming to mind were sparse, stubby, flaky.  It didn’t look great to me.  However, when I took the picture (below) it looks pretty awesome.  I’m assuming this is what it looks like to everyone else besides me who was up close and personal with it in the mirror.  Yes, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.  Behold the lashes:



That being said (and shown), I don’t think it’s something I’d buy.  Nothing I’ve tried to far has been better than the Clinique I already had.  And the Covergirl Flamed Out comes pretty close to most of these.  Based on an extensive, very official cost-benefit analyis – I’d say I should stick with Covergirl.

In a general blogging update, I’m finally remembering to make the links open in a new window (why the hell isn’t that the default??) because it’s a huge pet peeve of mine.  I’m also struggling with using my Feedly reader vs. WordPress reader.  I don’t think either one gets all of the blogs/websites that I use on the other, so I’m resigned to reading both, but duplication annoys me, and I’d much rather streamline.  Ugh.  I’m writing this on the bus, and I haven’t had my coffee.  I think my “voice” at 6:45am is a little cranky.  I also need to set the timezone for this blog accurately.  I think it’s on a timezone in Europe.  I’m not in Europe.  I’m in Boston, MA, USA.  I’ve made it to work.  Time to go!