PT Part 2

I went to my 2nd PT appointment yesterday.  I remembered to wear pants this time; I’m sure the therapist was grateful.  We reviewed the exercises I had been doing and I left with this sheet of new ones:



We added 2 new hip strengtheners using a resistance band wrapped around a pole.  This resulted in my tying and retying the band around everything I could think of in my apartment to see if anything was sturdy enough.  I almost knocked everything off my desk, but eventually found success with the kitchen table.  Now my kitchen is accessorized with a bright orange resistance band – lovely.

Also added yesterday: Calf Stretch (another issue as I have no stairs in my apartment and have to go outside in the cold to complete), added resistance to my ankle in and outs (top two exercises, I know it’s hard to see – sorry!) and added reps to my existing clamshells and J’s.

I’m excited to be strengthening my hips and progressing in making myself a stronger runner.  I even started looking for races next summer.  I can’t start running again until mid-December – officially – and I’ll probably wait until January, so I think a 5 or 10K early summer and then maybe a half marathon next fall.  I’ve never even been in a race before (besides 2 Spartan Races), so I might be getting ahead of myself!

I did actually make it to the gym yesterday and completed 20 minutes on the stationary bike, 10 minutes on the elliptical, and 5 minutes on the rower.  I love the bike because I can read my Kindle while on it.  Currently reading Anna Karenina, which is turning out to be a really fascinating and easy read.  No wonder it’s a classic.  Yesterday was my first time using the rowing machine, and I’ll definitely work that in more given that it does not aggravate my tendon in any way whatsoever.

For blogging, I’m going to try to cut down to 1 post per day.  I’m thinking about this way more than I’m thinking about school, and that’s a slippery slope until finals come around and I crash.