Couch Potato Soup

This weekend has been spent largely on the couch. Between a killer hangover, tons of reading for class, and now football, I’ve barely moved. We ordered delivery yesterday because garlic knots were absolutely necessary. Today, with no energy to go grocery shopping, I had too scour the pantry for some dinner because we couldn’t do takeout two days in a row…that’s just wasteful haha.

Ended up with Tastefully Simple potato soup and beer bread. The soup only requires 6 cups of water and the bread only requires a can of beer.  I didn’t have a loaf pan, so I used a small spring form pan – worked perfectly. Heat up some leftover sausage and throw it in the soup and voila!



The bread is great! Spongy, thick, and tastes of beer. The perfect hair of the dog for a hangover! You may notice the excessive patriots accoutrements. In the only fan in the house, but I’ve taken over. There’s Pats stuff everywhere!  No holiday is complete without at least 3 new Patriots things.

The cause of the hangover yesterday was the Halloween party Friday. I tried unsuccessfully to get a good picture of my costume, Puss in Boots:


I ended up getting nicknamed Bitch in Boots (by my boyfriend no less) after I heckled people at the pong table. I embraced the name. Hope everyone had a good Halloween – would love to see more costume pictures!