Mascara Monday and the Dentist – YSL Faux Baby Doll

I started off the day in a pretty good mood.  Did some Jillian Michael’s yoga, had plenty of coffee, applied the next in my Lashstash (as if there’s some predetermined order) – YSL Mascara Volume Affect Faux Baby Doll.  I really liked the nubby, plastic applicator and the way it looked.  Thick, long, separated lashes.  It did not photograph well, though.  It seems like the ones I don’t like end up looking great in pictures, but this one I loved in real life and – ehhh – not so much in the picture.  It doesn’t help that I’m making the angriest of angry eyes here.

IMG_0361 (2)

Not smizing. Not smizing at all.

I need to learn how to smize.

Perhaps the angry eyes had something to do with the impending dentist appointment.  3 gum line cavities on my right side to be removed today and 2 more on the left side to be filled next week.

I fricken hate the dentist.  I know – that’s not fair to dentist.  It’s not their fault.  It’s the tools.  The sound of someone grinding down my tooth, or picking at my tooth, or polishing my tooth.  Those sounds should not be happening in my mouth.  They should not be happening anywhere near my mouth.  This is why I can’t get a neck tattoo.  Not that I want one.  But I couldn’t get one even I wanted one.

I got to my appointment 1/2 an hour early, at 10:00AM and they were able to see me right away.  Next came a few shots of lidocaine or novocaine or whatever in the back of my mouth, and 20 minutes of waiting.  Only to decide on more shots of anesthetic because I could still feel everything.  This repeated until an hour had passed and we tried to tackle the first cavity.

Number 1 went fine, but number 2 hit a nerve, making my whole entire body wince in pain.  More anesthetic in different spots.  More waiting.  Then number 2 was finished and it was onto number 3.  This tooth was apparently in between the 2 sections of my mouth that couldn’t feel anything at all, because it could still feel things.  More things than number 2 could feel.  Nerve pain is the worst pain and when it’s coming from your teeth, well, it’s worse than every tattoo I have put together.  Enter more shots and finally we’re done.  It had been 2 hours since I arrived.  We had to extend my appointment for the left side next week and I had to answer a ton of questions about whether I’ve had issues going numb before (the answer = no!).  I don’t know if it was something wrong with my mouth, or my nerves, or my dentist.  But I like this dentist, so I’ll go with one of the former.

The rest of the day I could barely eat or drink anything.  But, I finally couldn’t feel anything!  Now, the feeling is coming back and it feels like I got punched in the face from the ~8 shots of anesthetic (I don’t actually have any idea how many – 8 may be an underestimate).  People thought I was miserable all day (which I kinda was) because half my face wouldn’t move, so I couldn’t smile.  Gotta work on those smizing skills.

*If someone doesn’t know what smizing is, please watch America’s Next Top Model.  Or just watch this 39 second video: