Workout Wednesday 11/5 – A Sluggish Week

I’ve set my alarm for 5:28am every (work)day with the intention of exercising before work.  I still keep snoozing and playing Diamond Digger.  I was previously addicted to Candy Crush, but had to get a new phone and didn’t want to start at the beginning again, so Diamond Digger it is.  You’d think I could find more productive things to do with my time…

The main reason I loved running so much is that it was easy (I’ve probably said this before, because I think it every day).  I would put my clothes, mp3 player, armband, keys…everything I needed on the kitchen table the night before.  When my alarm when off, I’d grab that on my way to the bathroom, change, and be out the door.  A run would take 40 minutes or less, and then I’d be in the shower starting my day.  Now I snooze for those 40 minutes.  Effort sees results.  Snoozing does not.  My very ineffective week is below.  2 1/2 workouts.  My goal for this coming week will be 3 work outs.  Trying to set attainable goals in a week that I’m swamped.


Day Exercise  
Wednesday 10/29 PT My PT exercises take me 20-30 minutes, so that should count, right?
Thursday 10/30 Gym + PT
  • 15 minutes on an elliptical type machine that resembles high knees
  • 15 minutes rowing

I should really learn the names of the machines.  And watch a tutorial on using the rower, because I have NO idea if I’m doing it right.

Friday 10/31 NOTHING Absolutely nothing.  Not even PT.  Unless you count beer pong.  Can I count beer pong?
Saturday 11/1 PT More nothing.  Just PT
Sunday 11/2 Same as above
Monday 11/3 Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown + PT All her videos kick my ass.  This one was especially hard on my shoulders.
Tuesday 11/4 Gym + PT Well, I made it to the gym, cycled for 15 minutes, realized how late it was already, freaked out and left because I have so much homework to do!