Five Thing Friday – Interviews and My Sweet Tooth

  1. Today I get to go back to my alma mater (and current place of study), Northeastern University in Boston, to interview for co-ops.  If you’re not familiar with the term co-op, it’s kind of like a 6-month, paid internship with an emphasis on professional growth/career development for the student and less emphasis on them doing bitch work.  I did 3 co-ops during my undergrad and the experience was invaluable.  It’s why I have a job.  And why I now get to be the boss.  Mwahahaha.  I struggle with interviewing, though, because I want to give the students tips on improving their resumes and coach them through the interview, but I have to focus on what’s best (who’s best) for the position.
  2. I usually try to wear a full suit when I’m doing the interviewing, because I expect the interviewee to do the same.  Even though I don’t have to wear a suit at work.  (I still do, sometimes, for meetings with important people).  I think I’m in between my two suit sizes and I didn’t really feel like figuring out which one would suffice, so I came up with this.
    wpid-img_20141107_094209_173.jpgThe look is less intimidating than the full suit, but how sweet is the lining in this jacket?!  It’s from Express a few years ago and, therefore doesn’t button.
  3. Interviewing all day also means I get free lunch and, in this case, TWO DESSERTS!  wpid-img_20141107_122538_120.jpgPairs nicely with the pumpkin muffin for breakfast.  wpid-img_20141107_080849_175.jpgRoll me away now…
  4. Seriously, my sweet tooth is out of control.  I started getting Buzzfeed’s food newsletter – It’s THE BEST.  And I want to make all 46 of these recipes.  You can thank me later – I’ll let you wipe the drool off the table first.
    1. 19 S’mores Recipes
    2. 27 Salted Caramel Desserts
  5. For interviews, I like asking a couple behavioral based questions.  People hate answering them, but if you can do them in a conversational manner, you get to know so much more about the person.  The best one I came up with is, “Tell me about a time when you had to learn something new, and you had to teach yourself.  You didn’t have anyone to ask for help.”  That looks weird written out.  As a co-op student, I had always been in the position where parents, teachers, or professors could answer your questions.  There was always someone around who knew how to do what you were doing.  When I started my first co-op, I had to build a database in Access and no one in the office knew how to do that.  That’s why they needed a co-op.  I quickly learned that, unlike writing research papers, you really can just google something and use the answers you find.  You have to be persistent and adjust your language constantly to find the right developer forum, the words that actual computer people use, etc.  It was a challenging, come-to-jesus moment.  That’s why I ask the question.