Procrastination at the Library


*Note: started writing this at approximately 6:30pm Friday night, after having been at the library for 3 hours with little to show for it!

What I Should Be Doing = researching 2 different EMR implementations for the 12 page reserach paper that is due on Friday

What I Am Doing = taking selfies for my blog

Motivation is at an all time low.  My task is to write a paper comparing two databases.  Sounds easy enough.  The paper must be a synthesis of peer reviewed, scholarly articles.  Okay, getting slightly more difficult.  It’s also supposed to be something you have personal experience with.  Well, now I’m out.  All our databases are homegrown…as in, I built them.  In Microsoft Access, which my professor said (and he’s correct) is not a real database system (okay, he used more technical words, but you get the point).

Since I work in health care, albeit not the clinical side, I thought a good topic would be Electronic Health/Medical Records (EHR/EMR).  Broad topic, important topic, well known topic.  So there’s gotta be good comparisons of different vendors and implementations, right?  Wrong!  Probably not wrong, but wrong so far.  UGH.  The research is taking forever, so the writing is going to suck on the shortened timeline.

So far, I’ve saved a separate word document for each section of the paper that contains the bullet points from my professor’s slides on that section, along with another document of my notes on all the articles I’ve read so far.  None of them directly support my paper.  It’s gonna be a long weekend.

Since no seats were available in the collaborative sections of the library, I had to stow away on the quiet floor.  As I’ve said before, I can’t study in quiet, so I had my Pandora going on shuffle for awhile.  I forgot to uncheck the Christmas Radio.  Was not ready for “It’s a Wonderful Time of the Year.”



It’s only fall!  And my campus is beautiful, at least!!

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