No Makeup Monday and Picture Lost and Found

I had set out to review a new mascara every Monday, and do a post about makeup once I ran out of mascara.  I like having a structure to certain things, with space to adjust.

Today I need to adjust.  I worked on my research paper for over 18 hours this weekend (including Friday night) and I had another dentist appointment this morning.  All things considered, I decided to sleep in an extra hour.  I didn’t have coffee when I woke up because the dentist mentioned that it sometimes interfered with Novocaine and I didn’t want to take any chances after last week.  So I didn’t have the time or the energy to put on make up today.  I’m exhausted.  So exhausted that I decided to take Thursday off from work to finish up my paper and an exam I have due and classes I have to catch up on.  Whenever I have to take off work for school, it just feels like poor time management, something that doesn’t sit well with me.  But I’d rather take the time off than look like this all week, but with bigger, bluer bags under my eyes: wpid-img_20141110_163438_439.jpg


That smirk is my attempt at staying positive.  While I was uploading this picture, I can across a few random pictures that I didn’t remember taking.  Here’s my trip down “Why did I take this picture?” Lane.



These are some pretty awesome pajamas at Target, but I don’t know why I needed a picture.  Was there a specific one I wanted to show someone?  I can’t make anything out on them.  Ice cream cones?  Owls?  Candy?  Probably all of the above.  Now I really want some new PJs.



Triple Karmaliet.  Definitely loved this beer and took a picture to remember the name.  Then forgot I took said picture and defeated the purpose.  I also recently swore off tripels.  They get me into trouble.  “I only had 4 beers – why do I feel so drunk?” type of trouble.  Tripels are dangerous.  If you’re into danger, this Tripel Karmaliet is fucking delicious.



Cool bridge, brah.  It’s not even sunset.  My phone camera doesn’t focus.  Was I trying to capture this endearing memory of being in an industrial wasteland under a bridge, waiting in line for a brewery?  WTF.



Well, this picture just made my day.  Except that Jepson chick is really stuck in my head, now.  I want to meet the person that made this sign.  I’m also dying to know if they actually put their number on the tear off pieces.  And who tore them off???  I have so many unanswered questions.

Sorry for the garbage post.  I feel like garbage.  I’ll exercise and refuel tonight to bring you my normally dazzling genius tomorrow.  HAH.