PT #4 – 3 more weeks to running!!

I had my 4th PT appointment today.  I think she’s only counting it as 3 appointments, because the first was mainly evaluation.  We went up a level with my resistance bands and added stairs to my eccentric ankle exercises to increase the range of motion – scroll to the bottom to see my whole routine.

My next appointment is one week from today and that will be a reevaluation of strength and range of motion to see how far I’ve progressed.  Between now and then, I’ve been tasked with using the elliptical more to see if there’s any pain in my post tibial tendon.

After next week’s appointment, we’ll schedule another for two weeks after that and start me running on the treadmill!  😀

I don’t know why I’m smiling so much.  I hate treadmill running.  While I consistently hit 10 minute miles running outside, I’ve fallen off the treadmill trying to set it to 6 mph.  It just doesn’t make sense.

But treadmill running is one step closer to outdoor running!  Which is another step towards signing up for an actual race!!!

Okay, enough with the exclamation points.  Here’s my PT routine:

  • Hip Exercises
    • Clamshells – 2 x 15 each side
      • Lie on your side, hips slightly forward, knees bent.  Keep hips forward and heels together while you open your knees like a clam shell as far as you can.
    • Hip Extension – straight back with green resistance band – 2 x 10 each leg
    • Hip Extension – out to the side – 2 x 10 each leg
  • Resistance Band Hip Extension

    Resistance Band Hip Extension

    Ankle Exercises for the Posterior Tibial Tendon

    • Seated “J” with orange resistance band – 2 x 25
      • Sit with legs straight out, feet flexed.  Loop orange band around top of foot, pull back to create some resistance.  Trace an uppercase J in the air.
    • In and Outs with orange resistance band – 2 x 25
      • Wrap orange band around left food, pull out to right side.  Hold in place with right foot, and move left toes out for 25 counts.
      • Keep band around left foot, but pull out to the left side.  Cross right leg over left and hold band in place with right foot.  Move left toes to the right for 25 counts.
    • Eccentrics – 2 x 10
      • Stand on a stair with heels off the edge.  Move up on your toes with weight equally distributed.  Lift right foot off stair and slowly lower left heel below the edge of the stair.
  • Stretch
    • Calf Stretch – 2 x 30 seconds each leg
      • Stand on a stair with heels off the edge.  Lift right foot and stretch left calf for 30 seconds.  Switch and stretch right calf for 30 seconds.  Repeat.

Now I just need to make a plan for getting to the gym and getting on that elliptical.