Workout Wednesday 11/12 – Fight or Flight

This week was a fight against my flight instinct.

I realized late Thursday night, as I was preparing for Friday, that if I didn’t exercise Friday, I was making it very difficult for myself to meet my goal of 4 workouts.  So, I threw my gym clothes in my bag with my laptop, stayed at the library until 8pm on Friday, and then went to the gym from 8 – 9pm.  I tried the upright bicycle at the gym instead of the recumbent and I found it much more difficult.  So much so that I had the level of difficulty set between 1 and 4…out of 21.  Pathetic!  I almost quit at 10 minutes, promising myself I’d do 10 minutes on the elliptical.  But I knew I wouldn’t do 10 minutes on the elliptical.  My thighs were already burning and I fucking hate the elliptical, so I fought through it and made it to my intended 20 minutes.  I know 20 minutes of cycling isn’t a huge deal, but my thinking, “Oh, I’ll just stop here” and then NOT stopping there is a pretty big deal.

Saturday I tried a Pinterest workout.  It was very leg heavy, which was challenging with my PT making my hips and thighs sore already.  On the first 60 second wall squat I tried, I gave up at 32 seconds.  On the second rep, I made myself make it through the whole minute.  It wasn’t a perfectly parallel wall squat, but I made it all 60 seconds.

With my legs still very sore, I switched to an arm workout on Monday.  I intended to do 2 sets of 15, and only ended up doing 1 set of 15 of about 14 of the 17 exercises (ack too many numbers in that sentence).  Flight won on Monday.

Tuesday morning, I popped in my trusty Jillian Michael’s DVD.  This time I did Shred It With Weights.  I bought a 3-pack of her DVDs through Groupon Goods a few years ago for only like $25.  It was a really great deal – keep an eye out.  The only part I didn’t do were jumping rotating squats.  While I hate them, I did try them.  But I was making the entire apartment shake and it was only 6 in the morning (that sounded like a good excuse, right?).

End of week results – I did do 4 workouts.  This week my goal is to still work out 4 out of 7 days, but to increase the time and intensity of my workouts.  My research paper and 1 exam are due this Friday, with another midterm to study for next Thursday.  Handing in these two huge assignments on Friday will free up my time for the gym, plus PT told me to try the elliptical so I have to go!  Concrete goals for this week are 2 x 25 minutes of cardio and 2 complete workouts (Jillian Michael’s vidoes, all of the reps of an at home workout, that sort of thing).

Day Exercise  
Wednesday 11/5 PT
Thursday 11/6 PT
Friday 11/7 PT + Gym 20 min on upright bike – way harder than recumbent
Saturday 11/8 PT + Tone Up Tight Routine x3 I pinned this routine awhile back.  I’ve never completed all 3 sets before, so that’s a win!
Sunday 11/9 PT
Monday 11/10 PT + Arm Workout 15 reps of this set of 17 exercises for toned arms w/5 lb. weights
Tuesday 11/11 PT + Jillian Michaels Shred It w/Weights Groupon has Biggest Loser workout DVDs right now for $6.99 ea.