Teeth Whitening: Before and After

I took today off from work to finish my paper and exam.  Who assigns a research paper and an exam to be due on the same day?!  Seriously, who does that???  I really like this professor as a teacher, but he’s rather dense in the realm of time management.  He scheduled two of our webinars from 6 – 8pm on Halloween night and the night after Thanksgiving.  The night after Thanksgiving is a university holiday.  WTH.

Being at home all day also gives me the time to whiten my teeth.  I got this particular whitening system as part of a Groupon deal with my Invisalign (don’t get me started on that – you’ll notice my teeth are not as straight as you’d expect after spending $$$ on Invisalign).  You’re only supposed to use the stuff once every 6 months because it’s pretty hardcore and takes two hours.  That’s two hours of not eating or drinking anything.  Two hours with my Invisalign retainers in looking like I’m foaming at the mouth.  You’re supposed to do it after a cleaning because then there’s no plaque in the way, but I wanted to wait until after my two cavity appointments (for no reason other than my own paranoia about sensitive teeth hurting more even with novocain….or was it paranoia…god I hate the dentist).

So, this morning when I took out my retainers after sleeping, I threw them in a cup with some denture cleaner to make sure they didn’t have any gross dried spit or food or anything (lovely, I know).  And then I brushed and flossed to make sure my actual teeth were in the same state of cleanliness.  You squirt the whitening stuff from a fake syringe into a retainer – my Invisalign retainers, in this case.


Here’s the before picture:


And now two hours later:


I realize now that in pictures, you can’t tell the difference.  The lighting was different and I refuse to post the close ups (there was mustache and nose hair to be seen – it made me question everything).  The product is called Opalescence and I swear it does work, even if the pictures don’t show it, but I will probably just go back to Crest White Strips when I run out, as those work almost as well.



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