Five Thing Friday – Snow Tease

  1. The news said it was snowing and I didn’t look out the window before leaving the house.  All the shades are drawn, pretty much so I can run from the bathroom to the bedroom without a towel and not be seen.  Anyway, I was really excited for snow, because I got real snow boots for my birthday:
    Sorel - Joan of Arctic

    Sorel – Joan of Arctic

    And I’ve been waiting for it to snow ever since!  My old “snow boots” were just black Timberlands which are waterproof and innocuous enough to leave on at work, but they were not warm or adorable like these are.
    So, I got these out AND I had to reattach my Columbia ski jacket shell to the warm liner, which is a pain, but my nailpolish matched the liner (I have an obsession with teal and lime – based on these two pictures, it’s out of control:

  2. When I went outside, it wasn’t snowing.  There wasn’t snow on the ground.  It was barely wet out.  Today didn’t even warrant rain boots, let alone my bad ass snow boots.  I looked like a ridiculous Southern transplant who doesn’t know what a New England winter is.  I looked like someone who turns their heat on in October.  Someone who only wears flipflops and shorts when it hits 80.  I am not any of those, my friends; but today I looked ridiculous.
  3. Every morning I get a free Metro newspaper and the subway station and do the crossword on my way in.  In pen!  (aaaahhh the horror)  Today, one of the clues was “Parrot” and the answer was “Ape”.  I love that parrot and ape are synonyms.  That was a very random musing, but I think that’s what “Five Thing Friday” is for.
  4. My day off yesterday was pretty productive and I’m not going super crazy anymore.  When I was leaving work on Wednesday afternoon, I was all out of sorts and my To Do List was (is) a disaster.  My coworker turned to me and said, “You need to get your shit together, because if you’re struggling, there’s no hope for the rest of us!”  I was tickled pink by this comment.
  5. I’m going to Fitz and the Tantrums tomorrow night at House of Blues.  Usually I don’t buy tickets to a concert unless I know all of the songs by a band.  I just have more fun when I can sing along.  I only know one song by FATT (best acronym ever, right?), BUT I like FATT the bf likes them and there’s not a ton of bands we like in common, so let’s do this!
    You guys have any good plans this weekend?