Naming Your Blog

I read a post by Beverley over at Beverbeee the other day titled, “3 Reasons your blog isn’t doing as well as you want it to” (click here for original).  I followed Beverbeee because of the common interests in makeup.  She also seems like a wonderfully nice, decent person.  I read this particular post because it was in my WordPress reader.  That’s about it.  I didn’t set out writing a blog to accomplish anything.  It’s doing as well as I want it to because I had no preconceived notion of what well meant, and I don’t really care.  I write to have a creative outlet.  And a searchable record of my opinion on various products, so that when I eventually run out of mascara, I can look back at the 20 or so that I’ve reviewed and decide on which to purchase.

Back to the point (I have a terrible tangent habit – it’s endearing, right?).  One of her reasons was the the content and the title don’t match.  You start a blog for a certain reason, and end up writing about a bunch of other stuff.  That’s what has happened to me.  I started the blog to document quitting smoking, which I still haven’t 100% done.  But, there’s only so much I wanted to write about that topic.  Not only did it get boring, writing about smoking made me want to smoke.  It wasn’t the catharsis I thought it might be.

The name of my blog “Quitters Never Win” was my tongue in cheek response to everybody (and I mean everybody) telling me I should quit.  Usually went something like this:

People – You know those are bad for you, right?

Me – Really?!?!  I had no idea.

People – Yeah, yeah, but seriously.  You should really quit.

Me – Yeah, but you know what they say, quitters never win.  Haha * smirk *

In ruminating on Beverley’s point, my blog name was no longer representative of the content.  Should I change it?  I decided that, no, I’m not changing it.  While the saying was originally tied to quitting smoking, it’s a good life outlook.  My motto, if you will.  (That’s a lie, my motto is “This, too, shall pass.” – it’s tattooed on my stomach!).  Quitters never win is a great motivational stance in life.  It applies to my running goals, physical therapy, quest to fit into my favorite jeans.  It may not apply to my beauty and fashion posts, but oh well.  It works for me.  Hopefully, that’s enough for my blog to do as well as I want it to – which it already is, because it gets me to write more and think more and get my head out of (i.e. avoid) my statistics textbook.