Stila Lips

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying to wear lipstick more often.  I don’t have strong feelings about my lips until I put on red lipstick.  Then there’s a spike in confidence followed by a precipitous drop. I love the way I look in dark lipsticks…for about 60 seconds.  After that, I realize how harsh it looks, how wrinkled and feathered my lip outlines are, how the color has settled into the creases and makes me look old.

Despite all of the above, I was craving a darker lip today.  I was also craving something new.  I’ve been rotating my CO Bigelow gloss, Clinique Black Honey and a free MakeUp Forever matte color I got for my birthday.  So, I jumbled my drawer around like you do before picking Secret Santa names out of a bag and pulled out Stila Lip Rouge, which apparently you can’t buy anymore.  It goes on as a muted red/pink, but still very saturated in color.  I think it’s the fact that it’s a lip stain that keeps it from being too bright for work – it lets your natural lip color show through.

The reviews of this product online aren’t that great, but I love it.  Yes, it is dry, but I apply it over a light coat of chapstick (keep it light, otherwise it won’t stain) and top it with lipgloss.  The fact that it’s dry makes it stick better, in my opinion.

I figured I’d stay within the brand and try topping it with Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot, and the results are seriously the best dark-ish, red-ish lip for day time.  The combo complements my coloring without distracting and I’m really jazzed about it!  (jazzed? who uses the word jazzed?!)



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  1. I always feel weird wearing lipstick– I never do it so i’m not used to seeing myself with anything besides chapstick, hah! I love that color on you!!

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