Workout Wednesday 11/19 ~ A goal without a plan…

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  I saw that on Pinterest the other day and printed it for my desk.  I’m the enforcer of project plans, so it makes an apropos decoration.

Last Wednesday, I set myself a goal and promptly forgot about it.  However, I think I mostly met the goal, ending up with ~70 minutes of cardio when I was aiming for 50.  I fell a wee bit short on the workouts, since Tuesday I just barely made it through 13 minutes of ab workouts.  I guess it just depends on what I will deem a “real” workout.  Here was my week:

Day Exercise  
Wednesday 11/5 PT
Thursday 11/6 PT + Arm Workout 15 reps of this set of 17 exercises for toned arms w/5 lb. weights
Friday 11/7 PT + Gym 14 minutes elliptical; 2 x 10 assisted pull ups and dips; 15 minutes recumbent bike
Saturday 11/8 PT
Sunday 11/9 PT
Monday 11/10 PT + Gym 15 minutes recumbent bike; 25 minutes elliptical
Tuesday 11/11 PT + Abs Videos #2 and #3 from HERE: 8 min. abs + 5 min. abs

I also had a PT appointment on Tuesday.  My range of motion and strength have improved and the therapist urged me to increase my use of the elliptical since I had no pain this week.  She said it was safe to go up to an hour a few times a week.  As if I have time for that.  AND….drum roll please…I can try and do an interval run/walk for 10-15 minutes a couple times before I see her next on December 1.

All of these things are great, except they require the gym and I have very limited time over the next week.  I’ve got a midterm to study for tonight and tomorrow, dinner plans on Thursday, have to dye my hair sometime this week before my hair cut appointment on Saturday, and then I’m out of town for Thanksgiving.  So, this week I’ve gotta come up with a plan in order to achieve my goals:

  • 11/19 – gym
  • 11/21 – gym
  • 11/22 – workout at home
  • 11/23 – workout at home
  • 11/24 – gym
  • 11/25 – gym
  • 11/30 – run outside

As you can see, I gave myself 4 days off over the holidays.  I’m going to be with the bf’s family for Thanksgiving.  We sleep on a pull out couch while we’re there and don’t have any room to ourselves, so it would feel really awkward to work out while there.  But I pretty much filled my schedule while home, so let’s see how this goes.  Writing it here is one of the best things I can do.  Yay – motivation!!

P.S. I’ve also gotta work on this step nonsense: