Five Thing Friday!

  1. TGIF.  Seriously.  This has been me for the past few weeks,
    and I’m finally done studying.  My test didn’t go so hot yesterday, but I won’t know the results for 3-4 weeks, so I’m not gonna worry about it, but boy was it a motherfucker.  Now, all I’ve got left are a massive simulation project and one database take-home final.  Home stretch til graduation…Picture1
  2. On that note, I have to pick my classes for next semester and they’re offering NOTHING at night because they DGAF about their working students.  I shouldn’t be surprised, seeing as I’m one of the only kids people in my classes that works.  My last last required class is Optimization & Complexity.  I’ll let the registrar describe that one for you:

    Offers theory and methods of maximizing and minimizing solutions to various types of problems. Studies combinatorial problems including mixed integer programming problems (MIP); pure integer programming problems (IP); Boolean programming problems; and linear programming problems (LP). Topics include convex subsets and polyhedral subsets of n-space; relationship between an LP problem and its dual LP problem, and the duality theorem; simplex algorithm, and Kuhn-Tucker conditions for optimality for nonlinear functions; and network problems, such as minimum cost and maximum flow-minimum cut. Also may cover complexity of algorithms; problem classes P (problems with polynomial-time algorithms) and NP (problems with nondeterministic polynomial-time algorithms); Turing machines; and NP-completeness of traveling salesman problem and other well-known problems.

    Then I get to choose an elective and, right now, the only one that’s available to me is Supply Chain Engineering, with a professor who is pretty easy.  Since my undergrad concentration was supply chain management, I don’t feel like I’ll learn much in this class and I’d rather not pay $5,000 for a gimme class.  My dream class would be Systems Engineering in Public Programs, in short – the design, development, analysis, and application of mathematical modeling for addressing public programs and societal needs.  But that’s not even offered at all this semester.  BLARG.

  3. I’ve been thinking about what other topics I can/should/want to write about.  So far the list contains – my tattoos, student debt, addiction, cooking, and, hopefully, actual running.  But I hurt my hip yesterday, so who knows on that one.  Also, when did I celebrate my 90th birthday??  Must have blacked out.
  4. Between the super cold, dry air and the fact that I need a haircut (tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!! yay!!!), my hair has been super static-y this week.  I think hair touching my face and neck is one of the grossest things ever, more so when it’s not mine.  One thing I hate about the summer and wearing tank tops to bars.  You’re all sweaty from dancing and some bitch behind you is whipping her hair back and forth and it’s stuck to your back…UGH, but I digress.  Today I broke out the Matrix Sleek Look Masque, which they apparently don’t make anymore because I can only find it on Amazon.  I don’t actually know if it helped with the static, because my hair is in a messy bun.  Usually the stuff deep conditions, but leaves my hair feeling a little waxy, which I think is supposed to be the “sleek” part.  It does work well if you flat iron your hair.
  5. I finally get a little bit of time to relax now that that midterm is over and I went out to eat last night at the newly reopened Rosebud American Kitchen + Bar in Somerville.  I ate so much my stomach hurt and it was all delicious.  I got the Texas Rachel In a Skirt.  It was a brisket sandwich with horseradish.  Little did I know, the “skirt” was one giant, plate-sized puddle of crispy fried cheese.  In retrospect, that singularly is probably why my stomach hurt.  I also got a slice of Lemon Meringue Pie because A. lemon meringue is my favorite and B. PIE!  Needless to say, everything was great and I highly recommend it.  In keeping with the spirit of relaxing, I might go shopping after the gym today.  I’ve had a gift card to TJMaxx in my wallet since my birthday.  That was over a month ago.  Unheard of!