My 1st Run Playlist

Tomorrow, I’m going to try and run again for the first time since October 18th.  On October 18th, I ran 1.75 miles at a 10:17 min/mile pace.  I only ran twice in October because I was still testing the waters from my ankle pain.  Similarly, I only ran twice in September.  To compare, and what contributed to my injury, I was running 2-3 times a week in July and building up distance, without taking easy weeks every 4th week.  I has just been continually increasing for 2 months.  My best run was 4.4 miles on July 29th at a 9:59 pace.  I was just limping for the week after it.

All of that is [hopefully] behind me.  With hard work, i.e. time consuming PT exercises that require a daily commitment, I should be injury free.  Speaking of that my hip still hurts from last week, but it doesn’t hurt when I do PT exercises or when I’m on the elliptical, so I’m not sure what to think.  Maybe I did just sleep on it funny.

I’m only supposed to run/walk for ~15 minutes for this first one.  That’ll probably be about a mile.  It’s not very far and it can’t be very fast, but I’m so pumped that I decided this 15 minutes warrants a special playlist.  I’m have no rhythm, so I don’t really pace myself to music.  I just need songs that I love so much I don’t want to stop listening to them.  My musical tastes are eclectic.  My favorite bands are Sublime and The Stray Cats.  Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, and Miley Cyrus.  I particularly like listening to those when I run.  So, prepare to picture a so-white-my-foundation-is-called-siberia girl running and trying not to sing the following.  I’m pretty sure it’s amusing.  Or offensive.  Or both.  The lines I’m most likely to accidentally say out loud are in italics.

  1. Fork – 2 Chainz –My dick up like nice to meet ya.
  2. Black Unicorn – 2 Chains feat: Chrisette Michele and Sunni Patterson.  This song is really beautiful, references to Summer’s Eve aside.
  3. Fuckin Problems – A$AP Rocky feat. Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar — Girl, I know you want this dick.
    *It was right here that I realized my first playlist would only be 4 songs and I got really sad.  More motivation to fun farther and longer.
  4. Move Bitch – Ludacris.  So if you do the speed limit, get the fuck outta my way.