Makeup Monday – My favorite every-down back

Sorry I just mixed [American] football and makeup, but I’m drafting this on Sunday, which is football day.  AND I could wear this Almay palette everyday and it would work.  It doesn’t get the long ball, it’s not juking left and right turning what looked like 2 yards into a 22 yard touchdown run.  It’s good for 3-4 yards on every carry.  Just enough to move the chains, to get the job done.  But not quite enough to be the all star and get the game ball.  It’s a light and subtle, suitable for every occasion and every outfit type of look.

The highlighting color is a beautiful shimmery ivory that I swipe under the brow bone and right in the inside corner.  Follow that up with a soft lilac purple, the perfect complementary color to brown eyes.  Line your top lashes with a dark brown eyeliner.  I used  Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Lionfish.  Finish the lash line and the crease with the subtle dark bronze, and maybe smudge a little bit on your lower lash line too, and you’re good to go!

This palette doesn’t seem to be for sale anymore, as Almay has drastically changed all of it’s makeup stuffs.  But this Smoky Brown Trio for $7.49 looks to be about the same thing.