Thanksgiving Outsider

Thanksgiving has always been tied with Halloween for my favorite holiday.  On Halloween, I get to be a different person.  On Thanksgiving, I get to do my favorite things: drink, eat, and watch football with my dad.  I’ve had some serious boyfriends over the years, and have never compromised Thanksgiving, because nothing is better than trying to keep up with my dad doing shots on Thanksgiving Eve.  And nothing is worse than getting up to help him stuff olive cream cheese into celery sticks while holding back vomit and seeing double.  It’s a tradition!

This year, however, I will be heading to Long Island to spend Thanksgiving with the bf and his family.  Last year he stayed up here with my family and I went down there for Christmas.  I’m not religious and there aren’t young children in my family, so Christmas has lost some of it’s je ne sais quoi and I didn’t mind spending it elsewhere (I just had to google that phonetically to get the right spelling…I typed in gen eh say qua and google found it.  it’s so smart!).  I’m also used to traveling for Christmas, as my mom and dad alternated years.  Thanksgiving, though.  Thanksgiving I’m always home.

So, I am facing this Thanksgiving with some trepidation.  No one can make stuffing like my grandmother.  And I’m really worried they won’t have peas (they’re my favorite!) or that they’ll have whole berry cranberry sauce (blech – it’s supposed to look exactly like the aluminum can).  I definitely can’t get as drunk as years past. Or swear in my usual fashion.

Staying in someone else’s home is challenging to my normal schedule.  It’ll be weird to sit in the middle of their living room to do my PT exercises, or set up camp in the bf’s childhood bedroom to do some homework.  I always struggle with how long I can reasonably stay in the bathroom to get ready, because there isn’t a good mirror in any other room and I don’t want to seem high maintenance.

I’ve been torn about whether or not to bring something.  On one hand I’m a guest and I should bring something.  On the other hand, it’s been my experience at family dinners like this that everybody already has a role and there’s usually too much of everything.  Oh yeah, I also don’t have time, so that settles that.

All that being said, I am excited to see new traditions and new foods (I hear there are spinach balls I have to try, and try to laugh at the word balls) and experience a very family-friendly Thanksgiving.  Getting to share the holidays with the person I love most is what I’m most looking forward to. We leave tomorrow, early in the AM.  Wish me luck!