Workout Wednesday 11/26

My abs hurt for 3 days after doing the 8-minute and 5-minute ab workout videos.  I hate doing ab work outs and, not coincidentally, my stomach is my trouble spot, so I gotta give it some attention.

For at home exercises, I really like doing them while I watch TV because given the choice between watching an exercise video and watching Parenthood, I’m choosing Parenthood every time.  Time out for a sec – seriously though, how good is this show?! If you don’t watch it, start from the beginning immediately. It tackles like every bad and good thing that could happen in your life in a realistic way that leaves you feeling everything for the characters – ugh I’m gonna miss it when it’s gone.  

Time out over – If I have a workout plan that doesn’t involve a video, I remove any excuse for not exercising.  So, I took the liberty of rewatching 8 minute abs and 5 minute abs (both embedded here) and wrote out the exercises and reps in what I’ll call 15 Minute Abs.  I still encourage you to watch the videos because the exercise names are weird.


Here was my week – I kicked ass at the gym!  AND I GOT TO RUN!  On the treadmill, which I hate.  I run way slower on the treadmill, or I fall off.  And it was just run/walk intervals.  But I got to run…all with no pain, not even the next day.  130+ minutes of cardio this week 😀

Day Exercise  
Wednesday 11/19 PT + Gym 10 min Arc Trainer & 40 min Elliptical
Thursday 11/20 PT
Friday 11/21 PT + Gym 44:63 min Elliptical (10K)
Saturday 11/22 PT
Sunday 11/23 PT + Arms + Abs 15 reps of this set of 17 exercises for toned arms w/5 lb. weights and 15 minute abs
Monday 11/24 PT + Gym 17 min. treadmill – I ran for about 8 of the minutes; 20 min. recumbent bike; 2×10 Pull ups & Dips w/60 lbs assistance (improvement from my usual 70)
Tuesday 11/25 PT

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO THE U.S. FOLKS!  A great American excuse to be totally gluttonous!

My goals for this week are PT every day, run outside today, work out at home Sunday and Monday, and Gym Tuesday.