Five Thing Friday

  1. I survived foreign thanksgiving!  Haha.  It was definitely more formal than mine, and much much longer.  But the spinach balls were delicious (spinach, onion, stuffing meatballs from what I can tell).  And there was a rousing game of Apples to Apples (that made me miss Cards Against Humanity) and charades.  It was fun!
  2. I’m in love with this nailpolish non-color.  It was in this Nails, Inc. Autumn Winter sampler pack, and I can’t figure out what actual color it is.  I know it looks like skin, but it’s slightly pink, very matte, and basically the best neutral I’ve seen (when I don’t feel like gray, that is).
  3. Black Friday is insane.  I don’t understand why people do it.  Most stores have their Black Friday sales online AND research has shown that the best sales are right before Christmas.  What is wrong with people?  We do this to ourselves.
  4. Wednesday was my first run outside in forever and I remembered to take two, count em TWO, pictures.  They’re both shitty because it was dark out and my phone sucks.  My phone’s GPS never registered, either.  So, I got back to my apartment and stopped recording the run and it said 21 minutes, 0.0 distance.  Glitches aside, I love the city at 6am.  There are so few people and cars out.  It’s really beautiful when it’s not being all creepy (I’m looking at you, dudes who hang out outside the convenience store from 5:30 – 7, I see you).
  5. wpid-img_20141126_061533_681.jpgwpid-img_20141126_063342_966.jpgMy holiday diet has been horrendous, which is to be expected.  French toast and waffles for breakfast, in place of my usual Luna bar.  We’re having two turkey dinners.  I’m gonna end up buying a pumpkin pie.  Oh well.  I won’t weigh myself for a week to give me time to right the ship.

Final thoughts: YAY! I’m running again!!!!