Shopping Fail – so excited I prematurely splurged

I have been looking at Cole Haan Oxfords for over two years now.  When I had my first bout of plantar fasciitis, I needed shoes with better support.  What I found when I went shopping were Lifestrides and Birkenstocks.  I wanted to walk with no pain, not look like I’d given up on life!  Researching good shoe brands, I ended up with some Dr. Scholl’s flats and Born boots, and the recommendation that Cole Haan would serve me well.  So well, he costs $100-$200 a pop.  The high end hooker of shoes with arch support.

Basically, I try on a pair of Cole Haan oxfords every single time I’m at a store that carries them.  I walk around on a pillow of cushiony, pain-free soles, exuding the confidence of an white male in a boardroom.  These shoes are fucking awesome.

A few days ago I found them in the clearance section of a Marshall’s.  The WHAT?!  THE CLEARANCE SECTION!!!!  FORTY-SEVEN DOLLARS.  What the fuck.  For a pair of $130 suede tan oxfords with bright blue sole and laces. *Swoon*  I’m usually a 7.5, but these were an 8.  No matter.  They felt like they fit well enough.  SOLD!

Here are the beauties:



But not so fast.  I wore them today with a brown pencil skirt, dark purple tank, and lime, blue and green striped cardigan.  Purple and lime drop earrings.  Blue and lime stacked rings.  Everything is perfect!  Except that I’m wearing the shoes with tights and my feet are sliding all over the fucking place.  It felt like wearing rain boots with no socks.  Not good.  Not good for my arches, not good for my ankles, not good for my knees.

Oh yeah, I threw out the tags and receipt yesterday.