November Fitness Roundup

I’ve been posting my stats sporadically and the lack of consistency is killing me.  Like – you’ve seen my Fitbit steps for one week in October and a non-abutting span of 2 weeks in November.  You (and by you, I mean I) can’t see progress looking at varying time intervals.  So, I figured I’ll do a monthly recap.


  • 270 Minutes of Cardio
  • 7 At Home Workouts and 9 Gym trips
  • Fitbit
    • Average Daily Steps: 7,049  — Traveling to the suburbs for Thanksgiving killed me.  I walked 784 steps on Black Friday.
    • Previous Month: 7,985


  • Weight:
    • October 27 = 131.8
    • November 26 = 131.0
    • I’m a huge weirdo and weigh myself every day.  I know you’re not supposed to because of the massive fluctuations (see blue line below), but I like knowing how much it can fluctuate, so I never feel bad about it.
    • I’ve definitely plateaued and I’ll be working on that this month, but the overall trend is down (and I clocked in today at 129.8, and I’m not even dehydrated, so woohoo).  As you can see I plotted the moving average twice with a window of 1 (average of 3 days) and a window of 2 (average of 5 days) because it smooths out the fluctuations, so that you can see the overall trend.
  • I started running outside last week, as well.  Per my physical therapist, I’m only supposed to do run/walk intervals for short periods of time to start, so none of this is very impressive – just very exciting!  It’s such a weight off my shoulders to run without limping the next day.  I just hope it holds up as I increase distance and speed.

That’s all for today!  I’ll be aiming to improve on all of these for December.  On one hand I have a few weeks off from school, which will help, but Christmas parties, baking, and travel might offset that.