Workout Wednesday 12/3 and Return to Running

Yesterday, I covered some of this in my monthly recap, but I’m posting some of the same info so that I have a record…you know, for when I do my December recap!  It was a light week, severely lacking in any strength exercises:

Day Exercise  
Wednesday 11/26 PT + Run/walk 22 minutes, 1.72 miles
Thursday 11/27 PT Happy Thanksgiving! No exercise for me!
Friday 11/28 PT Couch day.  All day.  Literally.  Only 784 steps on my FitBit.  Pathetic
Saturday 11/29 PT
Sunday 11/30 PT + Run/walk 13:39 minutes, 1.15 miles
Monday 12/1 PT + Treadmill 21 minutes, 1.5 miles at my PT appointment
Tuesday 11/25 PT

My PT appointment was on Monday.  We reviewed my 3 short run/walk and she had me on the treadmill, walking 3 minutes, running 2 minutes for just over 20 minutes.  I run slower on the treadmill (5.5 mph) – does that happen to anyone?  It was embarrassing to be there for a running injury and going at their suggested “aggressive walking pace.”  I’m short.  My aggressive walking pace is 3.7 mph.  Any higher than that and I’m falling off the treadmill.  I also forgot a sports bra and a hair elastic, so I was hella sweaty by the end of this.  She probably does it for everyone, but she kept asking me if I was okay and I was thinking, “do I not look okay?  like I can’t run at an aggressive walking pace for 2 minutes?  you’re probably right, I’m probably not okay, but I’m saying yes anyway and doing everything in my power to not huff and puff right now…” <—that was some fancy stream of consciousness writing, though I don’t think my consciousness is as evolved as James Joyce.

Anyway, I was slightly admonished for running outside.  I’m supposed to stick to the treadmill in this recovery phase.  Then the track.  Then outside.  Blech.  But, I left with our hospital’s Return to Running program, a 16 page document that my therapist had to go through and highlight the important parts.  Between now and my next appoint I’m supposed to run on the treadmill for 3 times a week: 4 minutes walking, 2 minutes running for 30 minutes total.  And continue my PT exercises, of course.

Goals for the upcoming week are to do my required 3 runs and get in 2 strength workouts.  It’s also finals week, so this should be a blast.  NOT.