Christmas Tree Miscommunication

Last year the bf and I were celebrating the first Christmas in our apartment. We decided not to get a tree because we would be traveling over the actual holiday, and had a lot of family events leading up to it. I had the great idea of buying all of the tree trimmings after Christmas when they were all on sale, so that we could put up a tree this year. Setting the scene, this conversation had been going on for months. We’re all excited to get all our ornaments.

I think it was just before we went to NY for the holiday that I was making a list of everything we needed: ornaments, lights, tree skirt, tree topper, tree stand…when the bf stops me. “They come with a stand.” Duh. Wait, what the hell is he talking about??? No, they don’t – what are you talking about. After a few minutes of TOTALLY confusing conversation, we realize that all along he was talking about a fake tree and I was talking about a real tree. Never in my wildest dreams would it cross my mind that he wanted a fake tree.

I get the pros. They’re cleaner – no pine needles to clean up. Financially, they make sense – you spend $100 one year and it lasts you for quite a few years. Real trees costs upwards of $100 per year. They are an expensive disposable decoration.

But it’s just not the same!

How to explain that when faced with so much reasonable logic?!?! I still don’t know. I just persisted. There’s a local flower market near my apartment that sells Christmas trees and partners with a guy who delivers them on a bicycle (you can pay extra for him to wear a santa suit!). So, I bought the stand, found the tree, and got it delivered all on my own…with the bf’s tacit approval.

I think my excitement is winning him over. Plus, he found some sweet lights that have 8 different settings, so there’s that. He even helped decorate it and made construction paper rings for all the windows!!!


Yeah, it’s pretty lopsided. It was slim pickings for the only tree place in the city, and I didn’t want to spend more than $50 on the tree. How freakin fabulous is that tree topper though? The whole living room is covered in sparkles.



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