Meat Bingo

I am a city girl through and through. I’ve lived in and around Boston for 10 years now, and I never want to leave. However, there are some things special and unique to my small home town that you just can’t get here. Meat bingo is one of them.

Now, I sincerely hope you’re picturing a bingo card with various “meat” characteristics: leans to the left, shaved, less than 4″, greater than 8″…that sort of thing. Sounds like an awesome game that me and my girlfriends should have played in college. Alas, no, that is not what meat bingo is about.

It’s a weekly meat raffle at the local bar. Each round is a different cut off meat. You pay $1 per card per round. You get 3 playing cards stapled together. The emcee, my dad’s fiance, pulls cards from a deck and the first person to get all 3 wins the meat for that round.

The money goes into a pot that you can win in the last round, the progressive. This round costs $2 per card, and these cards are laminated, NOT stapled, so you know it’s serious. There’s a catch in the progressive: you have to get bingo within the first 5 cards called. If no one gets it, you continue playing for $50 and the pot continues on til the next week. Hence the name progressive.

One of our friends plays 20-30 cards on the progressive round and he won $4400 a few weeks ago. I, on the other hand, will be enjoying $36 with of strip steaks tonight that we won playing $5 worth of cards.