Workout Wednesday 12/10

Last week I lamented my lack of accomplishments.  This week is even worse.  I didn’t truly take into account finals week, the fact that I’m at work 8 – 4:30 then in the computer lab from 5 – 8, then home and 9, more homework, bed, and up again at 5:30.  I even didn’t do PT a couple days.

Day Exercise  
Wednesday 12/3 PT + Run/walk Walk 4 minutes, Run 2 minutes x 5 = 30 min.
Thursday 12/4 PT
Friday 12/5  😦
Saturday 12/6 whomp whomp
Sunday 12/7 PT
Monday 12/8 PT + At Home Workout 2 Reps of this AMRAP workout – BTW this is a great, quick at home workout and there are different ones each week with videos.  Check it out!  I’m going for 3 reps next week.
Tuesday 12/9 PT + Gym Run/walk intervals – had to stop at 26 min.

And I had pain in my tendon last night when I was on the treadmill.  In addition to the pain in my hip, which I’ve self-diagnosed as tendinitis in the hip with help from Runner’s World and the fact that I’m a hypochondriac.  My next PT appointment isn’t until next week, although I can email her ahead of time to let her know I’ve been experiencing pain.  But, really, I’d like to get in one more run before I see her to confirm my issues.  I swear, I make things up sometime, or something hurts but by the time I get to the doctor, it’s fine.

I did take the Dr. Scholl’s inserts out of my shoes (against PT orders) because they’re annoying to run in and these are new stability shoes, so I thought it would be fine, but that might be why I felt pain in the tendon.  UGH.

I’m feeling pretty discouraged overall.  I know that’s it’s just because of school stress and I have my period this week – I burst into tears at work yesterday for almost no reason.  And I’ve eaten gingerbread cookies with peanut butter for dinner 2 nights in a row.  It seems like these are getting worse as I get older… It is just a bad and busy couple days.  I need to get my shit together, get my finals done and relax.  For one day.  One day only.  Then Christmas hysteria sets in.  Oi vey.

Seriously, though, in an effort to not be so discouraged – My grades have been awesome thus far this semester.  If I get a 50% on our final project in Simulation, I still get a B average for the class.  Roughly the same goes for my Database class.  So, I don’t actually have much to worry about!  {Not that I’ve ever let not have something to worry about stop me from worrying…that’s a different post for a different day}



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  1. Don’t beat yourself up over not being perfect at everything all at the same time. Congratulations on getting awesome grades. That is what is most important for you right now. As long as you are exercising and making continued efforts to eat as healthy as you can you are doing better than most people. Obviously during your period you are emotional and most women don’t make the best food choices at this time because your body is craving more energy for biological reasons. Society has programmed us to reach for high sugar and fat at times of craving. Thank you for sharing your experience. Don’t be discouraged. Every new day is a chance to improve. Set goals each day and you will achieve what is realistic for you.

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