100th Post

I started worrying about what I would write for my 100th post around the 85th one.  Should I do something special?  Or nothing at all?  100 posts doesn’t really mean anything, especially given the multi-year breaks I’ve taken on this blog.  But…it is a milestone.  An accomplishment of some sort.  Yes, anybody can write 100 blurbs about anything.  I could write how I’m feeling 100 days in a row without giving it much thought.  But…it’s still something.

I could recap my most popular posts, my favorite posts, the weird search terms that have gotten people here.  I could take my time and write about something meaningful.  I’m always afraid to write about something meaningful, but I don’t know if I can do it justice.  I could get really personal and reveal more of myself than the superficial makeup and drive for a better body.  I could take the time to revamp my blog and fix the categorization because it’s driving me nuts.  I could do a lot of things.  And I will do bits and pieces of each.

My 1st PostMay 28, 2010A Little Background: From the First Drag

Rereading this doesn’t spawn any lessons learned or new remarks.  It’s a story I’ve told so often, it’s practically rehearsed at this point.  Reading through some of my other early posts from when I was in the throes of quitting is good for me.  Because I’m getting to the point where I’ll be in the throes of quitting again.  While I don’t admit defeat, I’m pretty much smoking Friday through Sunday most weekends.  What was once a once a month treat has become my default when I’m not at work, and I’m forgetting why I wanted to quit in the first place.  That right there is red flag that I’m on a slippery slope, that I don’t care if I fall.

My Favorite PostOctober 16, 2014What makes you feel authentic?

I reread this when I’m doubting myself and it bumps up my confidence.

My Most Viewed PostJanuary 22, 2011Product Placement in Burn Notice

I thought I was really smart as an undergrad.  I still do.

Search Terms – Some of the oddest searches that have brought people to my blog:

  • sexy cankles
    • Who searches this?  And what did they do when they saw a picture of my sexy cankles??  ick.
  • sperry shoes girl purple
    • You were probably shopping.  I’m sorry your search brought you to me.  I don’t sell anything.  Except whiny sarcasm and unqualified make up tips.  I hope you found what you were looking for.
  • “how” uv light color change color “no shopping”
    • You, sir or madam, are bad at boolean search terms.
  • fake black rimmed glasses annoying
    • Another one where I don’t know what they expected to find.
  • And then there’s a whole host of people who got fed a form reply from American Airlines when they were pissed off.  I’m glad we could at least commiserate.

That’s my little retrospective for the day.  I do intend over this Christmas break to fix some of my categories, but I’m trying to relax, go with the flow, and just embrace the diversity of crap that I want to write about.  Still, having uncategorized posts makes me itchy.



Makeup Monday: Unsuccessful Sephora Trip

I just realized, after I wrote the title, that this post doesn’t really have any makeup in it.  But, since it has to do with Sephora I’ll proceed apace.

About a week and a half ago I had an extra 30 minutes between work and needing to be somewhere to work on a project.  I also got a promotion, so I was feeling a wee bit celebratory.  So, I stopped in Sephora with every intention of of buying something beautiful and ridiculous and unnecessary.  I also had their holiday $15 off a purchase of $50, so I had to spend some money…duh.  After looking at so many gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, I kept convincing myself not to buy them because I already have that color, or I used to have that color and I never needed it, or this is $60 and that’s too expensive.  Whenever I’m just browsing I want everything, but when I actually plan to spend money, I can’t decide on anything to purchase.  I kept looking back and this bright and funky Urban Decay palette, so I think I’m going to get this after Christmas:

Urban Decay - Electric Pressed Pigment PaletteWhat I ended up with was much less fun:


I’ve been wanting to get an extractor for some time now, as I’m obsessed with this entirely gross and unnecessary process.  It comes with barely any instructions and left me with very red, irritated damaged skin.  Thus far, I’ve found doing it without the tool to be more effective and less damaging.


I threw in this rose mask to meet the $50 minimum and it was also disappointing.  Not so much the actual product on the face mask, but this Hannibal Lector looking thing that was way too big for my face, got all up in my hair, and kept covering my eyes.  It would have made way more sense to just sell the mask in a bottle that you apply yourself instead of trying to make a one-size-fits-all goalie mask.wpid-img_20141204_184358_796.jpg

The only products I got from this haul that I’m actually pleased with is the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer and Sephora’s brush cleaner.  I really needed a better moisturizer for the winter.  My cheeks were starting to feel scaly.  The travel size of this was only $14 and it will probably last me a month or two.

Next time I go to Sephora, I swear I’m buying something fun.  Whether I know how to apply highlighter yellow and orange eyeshadow or not.