100th Post

I started worrying about what I would write for my 100th post around the 85th one.  Should I do something special?  Or nothing at all?  100 posts doesn’t really mean anything, especially given the multi-year breaks I’ve taken on this blog.  But…it is a milestone.  An accomplishment of some sort.  Yes, anybody can write 100 blurbs about anything.  I could write how I’m feeling 100 days in a row without giving it much thought.  But…it’s still something.

I could recap my most popular posts, my favorite posts, the weird search terms that have gotten people here.  I could take my time and write about something meaningful.  I’m always afraid to write about something meaningful, but I don’t know if I can do it justice.  I could get really personal and reveal more of myself than the superficial makeup and drive for a better body.  I could take the time to revamp my blog and fix the categorization because it’s driving me nuts.  I could do a lot of things.  And I will do bits and pieces of each.

My 1st PostMay 28, 2010A Little Background: From the First Drag

Rereading this doesn’t spawn any lessons learned or new remarks.  It’s a story I’ve told so often, it’s practically rehearsed at this point.  Reading through some of my other early posts from when I was in the throes of quitting is good for me.  Because I’m getting to the point where I’ll be in the throes of quitting again.  While I don’t admit defeat, I’m pretty much smoking Friday through Sunday most weekends.  What was once a once a month treat has become my default when I’m not at work, and I’m forgetting why I wanted to quit in the first place.  That right there is red flag that I’m on a slippery slope, that I don’t care if I fall.

My Favorite PostOctober 16, 2014What makes you feel authentic?

I reread this when I’m doubting myself and it bumps up my confidence.

My Most Viewed PostJanuary 22, 2011Product Placement in Burn Notice

I thought I was really smart as an undergrad.  I still do.

Search Terms – Some of the oddest searches that have brought people to my blog:

  • sexy cankles
    • Who searches this?  And what did they do when they saw a picture of my sexy cankles??  ick.
  • sperry shoes girl purple
    • You were probably shopping.  I’m sorry your search brought you to me.  I don’t sell anything.  Except whiny sarcasm and unqualified make up tips.  I hope you found what you were looking for.
  • “how” uv light color change color “no shopping”
    • You, sir or madam, are bad at boolean search terms.
  • fake black rimmed glasses annoying
    • Another one where I don’t know what they expected to find.
  • And then there’s a whole host of people who got fed a form reply from American Airlines when they were pissed off.  I’m glad we could at least commiserate.

That’s my little retrospective for the day.  I do intend over this Christmas break to fix some of my categories, but I’m trying to relax, go with the flow, and just embrace the diversity of crap that I want to write about.  Still, having uncategorized posts makes me itchy.



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  1. Haha I love how random some of your search terms are! 😀 I keep getting “sex sleep” as one of mine and I’m like dafuq?! o_0

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