I have good days and bad days

My fellow blogger over at Shithead Central (awesome name for a blog, right?) was talking about defining diet yesterday and it got me thinking about mine.  I used to never think twice about what I was putting in mouth (insert dirty joke here).  Literally, I would get a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for dinner on a regular basis.  I went an entire 6 months eating a bacon egg and cheese on a biscuit from McDonald’s every weekday morning, and Panera bread every weekday lunch.  My diet was terrible and I couldn’t be less concerned.  I had almost starting trying to eat better about 4 years ago, but then I got out of a relationship, went on what me and my dad like to call the “The Break Up Diet” (it’s why we haven’t had long term healthy relationships — we’ll get too fat — that, or sluttiness just runs in the family, whatever), and lost 20 pounds, so I continued to eat cheesecake like it was going extinct.

Last spring the scale was 20+ lbs over my satisfied weight.  That’s when I decided to go against every fiber of “I do what I want when I want” being and started counting calories.  Since I’ve plateaued, the next step will be to actually eat healthier things (I keep reading about macronutrients…I don’t know what they are, but I don’t think icecream cake counts).  For now, I decided to highlight an example of a good day for me and a bad day.

Here’s the GOOD DAY.  The key to a good day calorie-wise for me is a very low calorie breakfast (Luna bar, yogurt or oatmeal).  I’m never even hungry in the morning.  I only eat breakfast because everybody says you should.  Lunch also needs to be pretty low calorie, sub 400.  That gives me a little wiggle room for a treat.  On this day I got to eat pumpkin ice cream, and still clocked in near my goal of 1200 calories.


Good Day

And here’s the BAD DAY.  As you can see, I started the day with brie cheese on olive bread.  Delicious.  Then I ate ice cream cake for lunch.  Not a great choice.  Still not too bad on the calories.  Then I had mashed potatoes and a carnitas taco for dinner.  Still okay.  Then I stayed up late, drank half a growler of cider, and ate more bread and cheese.  Mashed potatoes are the ONLY vegetable in this day.  Mashed potatoes.  It’s pretty easy to see how I overshot my goal by 600+ calories.  And pretty easy to see why I’m not losing any weight.  I have good days and bad days.  I need to strive for way more good than bad.


Bad Day

I’ll get there.  I know I will.  I just need to recommit myself and plan my meals more.  Just.  Hah.

Today I started off great with a Caramel Apple Pie yogurt (these things are fucking delicious and available for a limited time – get them NOW).  But then I didn’t even need a spoon because I ate the yogurt with gingersnaps.  Oops.



It’s not really a New Year’s Resolution, more of a ‘wait until after the holiday parties’ resolution, but my goal will be to eat more vegetables, more fruits, less processed foods and hit my calorie goals more days than not.  I almost wrote 5 days a week, but hard and fast goals like that don’t work great for me because I tend to binge if I don’t meet them and feel like a failure.  That’s one thing I’ve been doing really well on, is bouncing back from bad days without letting it affect my self esteem.

I’ve rambled long enough.  I’m gonna go finish those ginger snaps.