Five Thing Friday – Work, School, and Holidays OH MY

  1. Thank fucking god it’s Friday.  I briefly mentioned awhile ago that I got a promotion.  It came because my whole office is restructuring.  I am literally switching jobs with someone, taking over as manager of someone else, and onboarding a new co-op student in January.  Exciting? Yes! Stressful? Double Yes! Fear of failure is at an all time high right now.  I got a promotion without asking because I deserve and because I can do it.  Everyone believes in me; I just need to believe in myself.  Typed out, that all sounds more dismal and dramatic than it is.  Per usual, it’s just flashes of panic surrounded by super organized mania.
  2. Grades got published this week.  An A and an A-, the same grades I’ve gotten every semester.  I keep trying for that 4.0.  I’ll have to settle for a 3.8.  I think that’s still summa cum laude, so I guess it doesn’t matter.
  3. Bought a tree, decorated it, took pictures in front of it, got Christmas cards printed, and mailed them all within a span of 5 days during finals week.  That’s a win!  I scanned it for you all and the colors came out all wonky, but it’s cute!  A little hokey, yes, to do the couples Christmas card, but our family loves it, and it cost $10.  We just need a puppy, so it’s even cuter!
  4. Speaking of puppies, we’re headed back to NY this weekend for his family’s Christmas party and they just got this adorable puppy.  We’ve been brainstorming ways to steal him.  Way more adorable than the Christmas card.
    Also, check out 19 dogs I’ll never meet in Buzzfeed’s 19 Puppies Who Already Found Their Christmas Presents.
  5. Last, but not least, I’ve been in 2 Yankee Swaps and a Secret Santa this past week and made out like a bandit.  Yankee Swap 1 = cheap bottle of white wine = chicken piccata.  Yankee Swap 2 = white russian “kit” includes glass, nip of vodka, and a full bottle of Kahlua plus the gift giver included an additional bottle of vodka.  Secret Santa = Nails, Inc. Autumn/Winter set which includes a gorgeous forest green, pedicure kit, and Kate Spade business card holder.  Seriously, I dun good.  HAPPY WEEKEND!!!