Pictures of Food As Promised

Last week, I wrote about all the recipes I’m making this holiday season.  Here are the pictures!

Green Bean Elegante – I forgot to take this picture before we ate most of it.  So, here it is – cold – the next morning.  This is 2 lbs of bacon, 2 bags of frozen green beans, 2 C shredded cheddar, and 2 cans of cream of chick soup baked for 20 minutes at like 350F.


Egg Nog Dip with ginger snaps, chocolate covered pretzels, and Biscoff cookies (the cookies in cookie butter!).  It was pretty good, but it needed some extra spices (nutmeg!!) and needed to be blended or something because the cornstarch got all lumpy.  Which was really gross, but it still tasted good.


Chocolate Pumpkin Pie – I did NOT make the crust.  I hate making crust.  I’m already putting in the effort to make one thing.  Why, before I even make that thing, should I have to make a totally different other thing?!  This is all to say that I bought Pillsbury refrigerated crusts.  The recipe called for pre-baking the crust with pie weights.  I don’t have pie weights, so I put a pan lid over it.  Which sort of worked, but I was in a rush and forgot to make the edges nice.


Egg Nog Cookies in the cookie tins!  I made these last when I was a freshman in college and had a large group of dorm friends who I felt compelled to buy Christmas presents for.  Since I was a broke college student, I decided to make a million cookies.  I remember these better than they turned out last night.  They taste like sugar cookies with a hint of eggnog.  I need more egg nog dammit!  But how fricken cute are these tins?  I did find that even if I’m not filling them with a ton of cookies, the small tins were just too small and I should have bought all big tins.




Hot Chocolate Cookies – Half of these turned out great (that’s the half pictured).  The other half I left in a little bit too long and the marshmallows melted and look like deflated fake boobs.  Sorry for the visual.  But forget about that – here are the pretty ones!



I have realized/decided that I use waaaayyyyy too many exclamation points.  It’s not even that I’m that EXCITED about that many things.  But I talk fast and loud and that’s how I’ve been choosing to convey that.  Or I’m just really excited about desserts?  I’ll try to cool it!  <– there it is again, I can’t stop.

Posts may be a little sparse over the next week with holidays and travel.  HAPPY FRIDAY!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  EAT ALL THE DESSERTS 🙂


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