Makeup Monday – Red Eyeshadow

Sorry for the quiet couple days.  We drove down to Long Island on Saturday morning and back up to Boston last night.  Coming from a “broken home” I’m used to having fake Christmas – where Santa comes to one house early because he knows you won’t be there on Christmas, etc.  It was kind of hilarious watching this nuclear family figuring this out.  Even my bf asked his parents, “Well, where are all your presents?!” and I had to remind him that they would open them on Christmas with the rest of the family.  This was just the appetizer for our sake because we wouldn’t be there.  It was cute.  I received a fabulous new outdoor running shirt from L.L.Bean and got to spend the whole weekend with this guy: puppy

Onto the makeup.  I bought this red Urban Decay eyeshadow because I was feeling like something random and rebellious.  Then I realized that it’s difficult to wear red eyeshadow without looking sick or completely hiding it in a smoky eye.  I use a neutral matte base to temper it, apply it lightly over that, highlight the eyebrow, and darken the crease.  And I * think * I’ve avoided the consumption look:

IMG_0429 IMG_0436 IMG_0439I bought the Urban Decay eyeshadow so long ago that it’s discontinued.  The color is called Gash.  Reference to a wound? Colorful alternative for vagina? Both?  Blech.  Gross. They don’t have anything similar anymore.  The closest I could see is Roach.  I never thought I would prefer the name Roach to anything, but, yeah, that’s definitely better.

Anyway, the eyeshadow itself is great.  It goes on smooth, builds well, doesn’t crease too much, and comes in adorable little tins.  I love it and will definitely buy more, gross names be damned.