Five Thing Friday – Gift Edition

For this week’s five things, I’d like to highlight my 5 favorite presents that I gave to others!  It’s so rewarding to get exactly the right thing that they didn’t ask for.

  1. American Flag Flask ($16) – My boyfriend has been talking about wanting a flask for awhile.  Most of friends have one and bring them to weddings, parties, and the like.  He’s also obsessed with the 4th of July and gaudy America gear (mainly t-shirts with bald eagles and mountains and shit like that).  I bought this 3 months ago and had to endure him online shopping for an NHL or hockey puck flask since.  I considered exchanging it for a hockey one, but stuck to my guns and his face and laughter upon opening was AWESOME.
  2. Gumball Leggings ($7) – I swear to god if they had these in my size I would own them.  Obviously when I saw them I had to buy them for someone.  After a quick analysis, I determined that my little cousin would be the only person who would like them and that she did.
  3. “Gift Certificate” for Dinner & Drinks in the city (~$200) for my dad – There’s a back story here.  I’ve lived in the city for about 10 years and my dad’s only driven in to help me move.  It’s only a 45 minute drive, but he hates to leave his small town.  So, me and his fiance teamed up and she got a night at a hotel near my apartment and I gave my dad a homemade gift certificate to either Sushi Teq, Sportello, or RedBones.  This one wasn’t so well received, because he’s determined not to let me buy dinner and is concerned about the weekend we picked because it’s in between paychecks for him.  I just hope he lets me treat him for once.  If he does, this will be the best present.
  4. Cookie Tins! (~$9 each) I gave cookie tins to my grandmother, aunt & uncle, brother, my bf’s aunts, uncles and parents – and I’ve received compliments from all of them.  It was time consuming to bake the cookies, but giving them was way better than getting them stuff they don’t want or need.
  5. Urban Decay Brow Box ($29) for my dad’s fiance – She was complaining awhile ago that her eyebrow pencil won’t cover a mole/bald spot on her eyebrow.  She’s not super into makeup and probably gets everything at the drugstore, so I really wanted to get her this brow box, since it has the wax and powder that will definitely cover that spot.  I hope she enjoys it!

I hope you enjoyed all of the gifts you received and made somebody’s day this holiday!