New Nailpolish

I’ve gotten a ton of new nailpolish for Christmas, so I wanted to highlight the colors I’ve used.

IMG_0452This is Essie’s Butler Please color as the base ($8.50).  It’s a gorgeous, saturated dark periwinkle.  I LOVE ESSIE.  I can accomplish an almost salon quality finish with 2 coats.  This one is a sample size that came in a variety pack.  I really like sample size nailpolishes because I have never used a whole nailpolish before it’s started separating or drying up – I just have too many.

The top coat is a sparkly Nails, Inc. color that also came in a gift set.  It’s blackish blue sparkles that go on thick, but in a clear coat, so you do need a base color.  It is called Sloane Gardens from the Autumn Winter set, reviewed in full on Pandora’s Nails.

The combination created this beautiful, dark sparkly navy blue that is perfect for the holidays.

Now for an unfortunate picture of my feet, to show you the best tomato red I’ve ever used, also Nails, Inc. from the gift set.  The color is called Chelsea Bridge Road.  I did pluck my toe hair for you all, be grateful.



Again, sorry about the feet.  The actual nails just came out too good not to share.

I’ll post more as I work my way through both gift sets, although I don’t have much time to paint my nails once classes start.